Alpaca Backpaca Socks, Various Sizes


The perfect sock to take you from the trail, to the office, to out of town. Warmer and stronger than wool. Lanolin-free and hypoallergenic. Breathable and odor-resistant. Made lightweight, crew height, with micro cushion. 

Contains 60% Alpaca fiber, 35% recycled nylon, and 5% lycra.

Made in the USA from US Grown Alpaca fibers. Sold by Frost Farm Alpaca's in Coloma, Wisconsin.

Sizes (by shoe size):

  • Small: Women's size: 5-8 | Men's size: 4-7
  • Medium: Women's size: 8-10 | Men's size: 7-9
  • Large: Women's size: 10-12 | Men's size: 9-11
  • X-Large: Women's size: 12+ | Men's size: 11-14