Duck Eggs, Soy-Free Organic-Fed, 1 Dozen


Benefits: High protein, low carb. Great for Keto diets. Ideal for those with chicken egg sensitivity. 

These eggs are from our small flock of ducks at Bread Basket Farm that Mara and I got for our 10 year anniversary in 2020. They sure are quacky and ironic. They have an uncanny way of a well timed type of quacky laugh when we do something ridiculous or say something funny. They are characters and we love them. 

They’ve eaten certified organic feed since we’ve had them as little ducklings and certified organic soy-free feed since November. During the veggie season, they also eat various greens and veggies from our produce farm.

They especially love cucumber and peas! But they avoid eggplants. It must be something with the naming convention of that plant. The chickens avoid it too. 

This winter, they’re hanging out and playing with their chicken friends in the high tunnel and enjoy scratching around old cucumber plants and making mini puddles from their drinking water and basking in the warmth and space in the high tunnel!