PRE-ORDER: Pure Wisconsin Saffron, 1/2 Gram

"Wisconsin Saffron™" by Bread Basket Farm!

Our saffron will be available by the middle of December and delivered or shipped to you. Please reserve yours now to ensure availability. Thank you for supporting Wisconsin's first Saffron Farm! 

We are proud to bring you this unique flavor right from our farm! Saffron is a culinary delicacy and a luxurious spice derived from the beautiful Crocus Sativus flower!

When prepared properly, a pinch of the dried threads adds a beautiful yellowish golden tone to dishes when baking, cooking, or steeping in liquids. The flavor is unique and distinct. To us, it's reminiscent of a light honey/hay/earthy-like flavor with a pleasant aromatic scent and taste.

Ours was grown locally by our family in Northeast Wisconsin from organic corms, following organic practices in beautiful silty loam soil.

We have been learning ways to grow Saffron since 2017 and harvest by hand each fall in northeast Wisconsin. It takes over 150 flowers to get enough threads for 1 gram of dried Saffron! That's if there's no damage to the corms or inclement weather conditions.

Quantities are limited and bulk or wholesale purchases are not available at this time.

Saffron has a legendary history. It is said to have been used by Cleopatra and nobility in various civilizations for food, dyes, fragrances, and even by some for health and wellness benefits because of the medicinal attributes believed to be within the Saffron threads.**

The majority of the Saffron on the market originates from the Middle East with very little domestic production. Unfortunately because of its price, it is often one of the most adulterated spices in the world and sometimes safflower is even passed off as Saffron.

** It is not our policy to give advice or to recommend plants, herbs, flowers or anything else for medicinal or health uses. Any information provided by us is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as a recommendation or an endorsement of any particular medical or health treatment(s). Please consult with your health team for such advice or medical needs.