RESERVE a Camo Co-op Gift Bundle For Yourself

Buy as a gift or for yourself a Camo Co-op curated gift basket for Christmas! We will have your baskets available for pickup or delivery on Friday before Christmas week.

Please send a note requesting a local delivery, otherwise, we will assume you plan on picking it up on FRIDAY DECEMBER 17th at Flower Girl Design Studio in Appleton, WI. 

🎁 Unique Christmas Ornament (Suprise)

🌱 Succulent (Suprise)

☕ 1/2 LB Seasonal Coffee:  (Suprise)

🍿 Gourmet Popcorn, 3 oz: (Suprise)

🧂 A Fancy Spice For Your Kitchen (Suprise)

🎄 A Signed Christmas Card and note of cheer from us

*We mostly work with local small businesses with military ties and not large scale nor mass-produced food and items. Therefore there may be some variations, but generally, be similar to what you see in the basket. IE, the ornament may be the shape of Wisconsin or a chicken or the succulent variety may vary from basket to basket.

We can't guarantee the exact items, but we can guarantee that we will get it to you before Christmas and your gift won't be stuck in a shipping container somewhere on a boat.

Most of all, you are supporting a grassroots locally owned and operated by a military family small business with our "Food, Provisions and Mission. We are committed to our community and elevating local farmers, artisans and small brands with military ties.

* 10% of these sales are dedicated to our ongoing charitable and community efforts.