Sticky Fire Hot & Spicy Sauce and Marinade


Napalm aka "Sticky Fire" explodes and ignites on impact!  This marinade and sauce will be sure to cling to your foods to bring out the most explosive flavors!

 Superb on all meats, this sauce and marinade pairs great on ribs, wings, steak and more.

  • Fantastic addition to spice up chili.
  • Mix with ground beef for an amazing meatloaf.  Baste on meatloaf while cooking!
  • Fantastic marinade and condiment for wild game - Makes the best spicy venison!
  • Excellent marinade for making jerky.
  • Add to beef and chicken for spicy tacos, fajitas and Mexican dishes.

All-Natural, Gluten-Free, contain no cholesterol, no MSG and no corn syrup.

Crafted in small batches to ensure exacting standards and superior quality.

All sauces and marinades are packaged in 12 fluid oz. glass bottles.